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We offer a range of different wheel materials, bearings and caster in stainless steel and zinc plated steel to meet your high temperature applications; following is a list of wheels, temperature ranges and recommended use, including sizes capacities and fastenings.


Resin mixed with macerated canvas made for high temp applications- best suited for dry heat applications, like bakery racks
Exceptional resistance to oil, grease,most acids, chemicals and cleaning solutions.
NOT recommended for frequent wash-down or wet environments.
Hard tread rolls exceptionally easy; not recommended for rough surfaces.
Durometer: 95 shore D (+/-5). Temperature range: -50°F to 475°F  continuous, 525°F intermittent.


Thermo compound made for high-temp bakery, autoclave and steam cleaning wash down applications: rolls exceptionally easy.
NOT recommended for prolonged dry heat environments
Superior abrasion and impact resistance, high weigh capacity and long service life
Excellant resistance to oil,salt and most acids, chemicals and cleaning solutions.
Durometer: 85 Shore D (+/-5). Temperature range: -45°F to 425°F continuous, 480°F intermittent

Durable’s OV Epoxy Wheel
Glass fiber mixed in epoxy resin. These are perfect wheels for both dry and moisturized high temperature environment and the best impact resistance in both dry and moisturized temperature. This is an excellent ergonomic wheel with all the load capacities rated for room temperatures. Temperature range: -40°F to 480°F

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