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DARCOR SOLID ELASTOMER SE wheel are recommended for applications where exceptional mobility is required, Darcor Solid Elastomer (SE) wheels are designed for medium loads. Ideal for continuous use applications, tow lines, and in freezers. Chemical resistant.

Extraordinarily easy to push
Shows minimal wear in extended use
Shock absorbing and extremely quiet
Resists abrasion and many hazardous chemicals
Displays extremely low heat build-up in continuous use
No maintenance required for precision bearings
No flat spotting
Temperature Ranges -40°F to 230°F
Resistant to wide range of chemicals
A must for tow line applications

DARCOR NEOPRENE XD (D) is superior for all floor surfaces and offering excellent mobility and wear resistance, Darcor Neoprene “D” wheels are quiet and non-staining. Designed for light to medium loads, they are shock absorbing, and resistant to damage from chemicals and debris. 

Shore hardness 62 A
Per caster load capacity 75-600 lbs.
Tread symbol D
Excellent rollability, resistance to wear
High strength, impact resistance
Non-marking, non-staining
Temperature ranges to 300°F for 20 minutes, 175°F for one hour
Excellent for all floor surfaces
Will reject floor debris, roll over screws, metal or glass fragments, resin pellets
Highly resistant to wax, oils, greases, cleaning compounds, weather and ozone.
Will not flat spot

DURABLE SUPERIOR ELASTOMER SX wheel is a solid cast elastomer with precision ball bearing as standard. Designed to slow down heat buildup in continuous use.
Durometer: Shore D 70 (+/-5) Temperature range: -40°F to 230°F with a tread guard optional.

DURABLE ERGOLASTOMER HUwheel is a super strength solid cast polyurethane elastomer mechanically locked with glass filled nylon bearing collar. There are a variety of bearing options for optimal performance at different application. Gray color with black bearing. Durometer: Shore 65 (+/-5) Temperature range: -50°F to 180°F


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